Established in 2001, the Randel Jacob Design Group, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of architectural services from concept through construction management.

Architects Who Build

We are architects who are involved int he construction of our own residential and small commercial designs, because design and discovery doesn’t stop with construction documents. We bring a distinct set of skills to the construction process to create a truly unique connection between you, your project, and the environment.

Knowledge Built Beyond Documents.

For your commercial and planning projects we offer a comprehensive range of architectural services from concept through construction administration. Our experience as builders gives us a distinct advantage in designing a building of any scale. We enable projects to flow from paper to three dimensions and directly conform with its site and context based on a unified vision.


Everyone on the Randel Jacob Design Group team works in pursuit of the same goals and the same levels of excellence. 

The Randel Jacob Family of Businesses

Randel Jacob Design Group, PLLC
We are a full service architecture firm. This is the first step and the constant thread that ties the fabric of this family together, following the process through construction, interior design, landscape design and construction management services.

Elements: Specialty Installations and Creations
This is the cherry on top. The component that elevates our creations. We create the elements that bring the special something to your projects. Through Elements, we design and build fountains, sculptures, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, cabinetry, memorials, and lots of other things we haven’t event thought of yet!