Established in 2001, Randel Jacob Design Group/RJDG Collaborative, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of architectural and construction services STorytelling, illustration and publishing

Randel Jacob Design Group, PLLC/RJDG Collaborative

We are a full service architecture firm offering services and expertise that following the architectural process through construction, interior design, landscape design, construction management, and owner representation services.

Knowledge Built Beyond Documents - Through  feasibilitycommercial and planning projects we offer a comprehensive range of architectural services from concept through completion and beyond. Our past experience as builders gives us a distinct advantage in designing a building of any scale. We enable projects to flow from paper to three dimensions and directly conform with its site and context based on a unified vision. 

We are architects with many years of construction experience. We bring a distinct set of skills during the construction process to create a truly unique connection between you, your project, and the many parties that participate in the process.

The Creative Process has evolved into Storytelling - Designing and creating physical environments is imbued with the same qualities required to tell a great tale. It all starts with the imagination and curiosity of a child. Using a similar skill set applied to the design of physical environments, RJDG Collaborative has entered into the realm of Storytelling, Illustration and Publishing. We publish under the imprint of Randel Jacob Design Group. Click here to learn more.