The Owls introduced themselves today!


Today was a great day. We were invited to the Tucson International school to read our first book, Owls At My Window to the first, second and third grade students. Even though we interrupted their Epic Dance Party today, the kids were engaged and enjoyed the story greatly.

Co Author, Editor and Art Director, Tammi Jacob read to the kids and really truly enjoyed herself.

Thank you Dawn Heath and The Tucson International School for the opportunity!!

We received our first two shipments of books and have had some great interest. You can purchase them here for a pre release special.

Thank you for your interest!


Well, it finally happened...

I wrote a couple of stories for my kids, over twenty years ago. I couldn’t find an illustrator and didn’t think my drawing, or “imaging” skills (taught by the great Kirby Lockard) would cut it as an illustrator.

After a short twenty years, I figured it out! I must thank Eric Nickerson for giving me the confidence, after he refused to illustrate, to create my own style.

I also must thank my wife, Tammi for the incredible editing skills and direction for the art and illustration. What a taskmaster, but a keen eye and a nose for no BS!

Since I figured out the illustration thing, we are finally moving into the release our first children’s book called , “Owls At My Window” - Click here for a description of the story and some teasers, and here for Owl Merch!

There are many other stories in process, and working on our next children’s book release- “The Little Blue Cow At The Big Ranch” So stay tuned, next time I will share some of the illustrations and the process.

Thanks for listening!