Well, it finally happened...

I wrote a couple of stories for my kids, over twenty years ago. I couldn’t find an illustrator and didn’t think my drawing, or “imaging” skills (taught by the great Kirby Lockard) would cut it as an illustrator.

After a short twenty years, I figured it out! I must thank Eric Nickerson for giving me the confidence, after he refused to illustrate, to create my own style.

I also must thank my wife, Tammi for the incredible editing skills and direction for the art and illustration. What a taskmaster, but a keen eye and a nose for no BS!

Since I figured out the illustration thing, we are finally moving into the release our first children’s book called , “Owls At My Window” - Click here for a description of the story and some teasers, and here for Owl Merch!

There are many other stories in process, and working on our next children’s book release- “The Little Blue Cow At The Big Ranch” So stay tuned, next time I will share some of the illustrations and the process.

Thanks for listening!